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Make your life easy and get a bathroom accessories set - everything you need to finish your design.

Oil Rubbed Bronze represents a modern finish from the technology used in the process yet it works great for traditional styles as well.  Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom accessories perhaps represent the most versatile of all finishes!

Brushed Satin Nickel finish bathroom accessories - great for either modern or traditional styling.

Chrome Finish Bathroom Accessories - Whether Ultra Modern, Classic, or transitional - Chrome is always in style!

Polished Brass Finish bathroom accessories, often thought of as the most classic finish, surprisingly is also used for some high-end modern designs as well.

A Soap Dish will soon come to be a bathroom accessory you cannot live without.  Clean, Stylish, Useful - Perfect for complimenting your bathroom faucet!

Toilet Paper holders are a functional unit every bathroom requires - get one that actually adds to the overall design!

A toilet tank flush lever handle will tie everything together - a design is not one piece - it's a collection of little pieces, which create your overall look.

A bathroom is not complete without matching towel bars.  A matching style and finish towel rack can really pull the room together!

A Hand Towel Ring is great for a small towel near the sink - A stylish touch all fully designed bathrooms possess.

Robe Hooks are small, but extremely useful.  Robes, Large towels, hand towels - a robe hook easily installs anywhere and will quickly become indispensible.  

Soap Baskets

A Double Dual Towel Bar is a great way to maximize space.  Match your bathroom's decor with this useful item!

Wire Basket Shelves

Pedestal, Free Standing Toilet paper holders are wonderfully vintage, yet also offer a real modern world convenience!

Toilet Brush Holders

Free Standing Towel Racks are great for situations where a normal wall mount towel bar is impractical.  They also look great!

A toothbrush / tumbler holder allows a convenient place for your toothbrush and a bathroom cup - Match your faucet and add this beautiful design touch.

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