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Faucetlist Sale!

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Hi there! We're glad you're here! At Faucetlist.com we want to make finding the best faucets and fixtures for your home easy. We have carefully selected our products and offer only those that meet our high standards for quality and design.

We believe in Thanksgiving. We are a family business and on Thanksgiving we want you to be with your family. Our Black Friday sale starts when it should. On Friday. As a family we like spending time together but we also like great deals! So we are having our special once-per-year 5% off sale. Get 5% off any order you place between 11/27/15 and 12/2/15. The end of the year fast approaching so now is the time to get your home in order! Stop putting things off! Take advantage of our special offer and act now.

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If you have a coupon code, Please follow these instructions:

1. Add items to your cart. 2. In Cart Apply Coupon Code "Thanks". 3. Make sure your 5% Instant Savings have been applied. 4. Proceed to Secure Checkout.

1. Add items to your cart.

2. In Cart Apply Coupon Code.

3. Make sure your Instant Savings have been applied.

4. Proceed to Secure Checkout.

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Faucetlist.com is a family business started by the dynamic father-son team of Jim and Nick Kuzmin. Matching Jim's 30+ years in the plumbing industry with Nick's coding and marketing abilities Faucetlist.com was formed in 2011. Our business has been rapidly expanding but our priorities haven't changed. We want to offer high-quality designer products at reasonable prices.

We are NOT a big box store. Our goal is to deliver a personal level of service and expertise that you just can't seem to find these days. Because we are a small company we focus all our attention on each and every customer. Using our product and industry knowledge, we have put together a great group of high end decorative fixtures hand-selected from the thousands (millions? ... lots!) out there.

We want the quality and style to be amazing but we also want the price to be reasonable. We know that when you purchase something online you really don't know exactly what you are going to get until you have it in your hands. Our site is chock full of products we KNOW will exceed your expectations. We only offer high quality products. We sift through the junk and offer you ONLY the BEST!

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