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click map 72 inch Large Cast Iron White Double Slipper Clawfoot Bath Tub with Chrome Feet 61 inch Small Cast Iron White Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub with Oil Rubbed Bronze Feet 72 inch Large Cast Iron Double Ended White Pedestal Freestanding Bathtub 67 inch Contemporary Pedestal Double Ended Freestanding White Acrylic Bath Tub 60 inch Small Cast Iron White Slipper Clawfoot Tub with Satin Nickel Feet

Freestanding Clawfoot Tubs

A Clawfoot Tub is a striking addition to any bathroom decor. Clawfoot Tubs not only look great, but they are wonderfully functional. Imagine being able to actually fully submerge yourself in a warm tub of water and enjoy a relaxing soak. A Freestanding Clawfoot Soaking Tub creates a relaxing and soothing environment where you can let your worries slip away. We offer comfortable Clawfoot Tubs in a variety of styles. We have Small Clawfoot Bathtubs, great for improving smaller bathrooms, and Large Double Slipper Claw Foot Tubs, for a truly luxurious experience.

We carry Clawfoot Tubs in a variety of finishes, and have all the matching Clawfoot Tub Faucets and Fixtures you need to get your brand new Tub operational. Whether you want a normal Faucet, a Clawfoot Tub with Shower, or a Freestanding Clawfoot Tub Faucet we can help! We also carry a nice selection of Pedestal Freestanding Clawfoot Tubs for a more modern look. Many prefer to keep a simple. A Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub has been a desired bathroom fixture since the late 1800s and they are still in high demand today. It's no wonder, as the experience a Clawfoot Tub can offer is unlike any other. For those looking to stay on a budget, consider a wonderful Acrylic Clawfoot Tub.

Read our comparison guide to learn more about the differences between Cast Iron and Acrylic Clawfoot Tubs. A Clawfoot Tub has the power to truly transform your bathroom from normal plain to absolutely amazing. All our Tubs are BRAND NEW. They look vintage but they will be all yours! So don't wait! Start shopping now and find the perfect Clawfoot Tub for you. Oh yeah, and at, these wonderful heavy Clawfoot Tubs always ship absolutely FREE! Order yours today!

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If you want to learn more about various Clawfoot Tub types and the difference between Cast Iron Clawfoot Tubs and Acrylic Clawfoot Tubs, take a look at our Acrylic Versus Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub guide.Acrylic Versus Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub
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